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Miss one of our great Branch Programs or want more information? Notes are taken during a majority of the programs and posted on the Past Events/Footnotes page.  April Meeting now posted which includes the research  summary  and Arizona Charter School presentation promised by our speaker, Jim Hall. Check it Out!

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Newest AAUW Research: 

DEEPER IN DEBT:  Women and Student Loans

The student debt crisis isn’t just an economic problem — it’s also a gender problem, costing women even more than men. AAUW’s new research report, Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans, finds that women hold a whopping 64 percent of all U.S. student debt, or a total of $833 billion compared to $477 billion held by men. And although a college degree generally leads to higher earnings, women with college degrees are still paid 26 percent less than men with college degrees. The result is that women shoulder student loans longer than men, with black and Hispanic women facing particular financial hardship. A college degree should open the doors to possibility, not bury students in debt.   Read the Introduction and view the panel discussion at it’s launching.

Exploring AAUW Work Smart Program: an Arizona Coup

The City of Tempe plus key Tempe businesses have partnered with AAUW to close the gender wage gap through negotiation training classes. City of Tempe Equal Pay Initiative plans to train 8000 over five years. Classes are free and open to anyone who lives, works, or studies in Tempe.

Jean Johnson, Scottsdale Branch, was instrumental in the planning, negotiating with Tempe, and implementing this National AAUW program and has been hands-on at the first set of sessions which started in December and ends May 30. The program begins again in the fall. State President Shirley Talley requested AAUW state board member volunteers to represent AAUW at each of the sessions. Margaret Noser was joined by Jeannine Reynolds and attended the two hour session on May 16 at the Tempe City Library.

The AAUW slide presentation was in full color, attractive and informative with statistics. Participants also received a detailed workbook covering the topics of ‘knowing your value’, ‘determining a budget in order to establish a target salary, including benefits’, and developing a negotiation strategy. Questions an employer cannot ask were also included. A key component for success is repeated ‘ Practice’ which was begun at the workshop. Attendees switched roles of applicant and employer.

National AAUW reports that participants salary negotiation skills and knowledge after attending an AAUW Work Smart workshop is 98%. Branch members interested in more information on Tempe’s equal pay initiative or reviewing the workbook should contact either Noser or Reynolds.

5th Past Presidents Luncheon Continues Branch Tradition

Southeast Valley Branch Past Presidents and members of the current President Team met May 12, 2017, at Bernards at Ocotillo Country Club for the 5th Annual Past Presidents’ Luncheon. This event makes it possible for current leadership to tap the expertise and advise of past presidents.

Janet Cox, most recent past president, organized another enjoyable get-together and was joined by Sue Garretson, Margaret Horn, Diane Larson, Margaret Noser, Betty Raveret, Jeannine Reynolds, and Marjorie Wright. (Unfortunately Fran Voltz, Holly DeVinck, Donna Haugland, Carmen Otero, Barbara Matte, Paulette Schutes, were not able to attend this year.) The entire President Team was also able to attend: Co-Presidents Toni Corrigan and Tille Fortner along with President-Elect Janet Odle.

Within Bernard’s private room, the women enjoyed lunch, casual conversation and discussion on branch issues such finances, leadership, communication and the impact of the upcoming AAUW National Convention. In June two past presidents, Fortner and Noser will be attending the Convention, along with member Marcia Wagoner. Members are encouraged to share concerns with any of them to bring to Washington D.C. leadership.

(See Members Only:Photos for a photo.)

AAUW-AZ Spring Event 2017

A Historical Perspective

The AAUW of Arizona Spring Event on April 14, offered a trio of opportunities, all close to home in Tempe. AAUW members from across the state assembled at the Arizona Historical Museum for a delightful lunch and a presentation by Linda Hirshman, author of Sisters in Law, a moving story about the first two women on the U.S. Supreme Court – Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Southeast Valley Branch was represented by seven members: Toni Corrigan, Tillie Fortner, Sue Garretson, Margaret Noser, Sheila Petriello, Jeannine Reynolds, and Marjorie Wright. Many participated in an optional private guided tour of the amazing Arizona Historical Museum AND a docent tour of the O’Connor House, next door

The jam-packed day was developed by Shirley Talley, AAUW of Arizona President, as a“fun” conclusion of her two year term. She officiated at her final AAUW-AZ Board of Directors meeting and many participants witnessed the installation of new AAUW-AZ elected officers handled with skill and humor by Dr. Carolyn Warner.                                 

Dr. Carolyn Warner

Hirshman entertained the participants with some items from her book as well as tidbits about her research and recent U.S. Supreme Court events. Her principal subjects, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor “had such great, yet different lives…one a Democrat, the other a Republican; one a liberal, the other a Goldwater supporter; one from Brooklyn, New York , the other from rural Arizona; one a Jew, the other a Christian: one a brunette, the other a blond.” They formed a great friendship and both had the ability to work with powerful men. Both were ardent supporters of the ERA Amendment. After reaching the U.S. Supreme Court they did not pull up the ladder to future women. O’Connor vowed, “..ok to be the first, but I will not be the last.”   

International Dinner, 2017

Total Immersion into the Refugee Experience

The African Refugee Experience was the theme of the annual International Dinner, held on February 20, 2017, at Palo Verde Country Club. One hundred and five paid attendees enjoyed a “total immersion” experience: visiting with refugees from Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo; viewing a mask display created by Sharon Gale and a display of Makonde sculpture from East Africa; and enjoying food that is familiar to us and also to Africans.

Sharon Gale found a variety of pictures of African Masks on Google. She drew and painted them on poster board.. Then she researched the country and tribe that the masks were from and attached that information to the mask. After the painting was done she laminated it, then attached palm leaves, feathers, or beads depending on what the original mask looked like. After all was done she glue gunned the mask to a foam board . Sharon had a great time painting them all.

Katie Hartle, last year’s local scholarship winner, brought members up-to-date on her college aspirations. [Read more about Katie .] Also, Gale’s masks were available to take home at the end of the evening in return for a donation to the Local Scholarship fund. Including the ‘Have a Heart’ promotion, approximately $500 was raised. 

Somalian women with Judi Edmonds

Displaying colorful slides, Judi Edmonds spoke briefly about who refugees are, the vetting process, how refugees get to Arizona and what happens to them once they arrive. Samia Musse, refugee, personalized that process with the story of her family’s 22-year journey from Somalia to Saudi Arabia to Libya, through war-torn cities and a sparse refugee camp and finally to America. She spoke of their joy when they heard they had been chosen to settle in the U. S.
A children’s choir from the Congolese church concluded the evening with a delightful performance. Everyone left feeling both informed and entertained.

                                                                                           -Judi Edmonds,  Co-Chair

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